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As most of you recognize, we provide associate degree assortment of pre-designed murals for easy ordering, however what we actually love doing is making distinctive one-of-a-kind styles. What will create these even a lot of special is once our customers offer items to travel into their style. explore some examples below, and take a look at to identify the hidden accents!

Here's a custom 20"x32" mural we're finishing. This mural encompasses a customer-supplied Petoskey stone within the higher left corner. It additionally options oars from the pool Dog.


Collection, fish from the Lake Dog assortment, and sea star, turtles, and shells from the Ocean Dog assortment. this is often really not the primary mural we've used a

Petoskey stone in...


We recently worked on a mural that had multiple smaller Petoskey stones that were armored in by the client for our artists to feature in.


A bit totally different from Petoskey stones - during this custom mural the client equipped ocean glass and sharks teeth!


Here's the installation exposure of the custom mural with ocean glass and sharks teeth. we have a tendency to area unit forever happy to include customer-supplied items into our murals and borders - it positively makes them one-of-a-kind! Visit now


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